Wednesday, November 12, 2014

:nanowrimo week 2:

I hit just over 18,000 words tonight. According to NaNoWriMo, I should be at 20,000 to be on track to finish by the end of the month, but I do more writing on the weekends, so I hope to catch up then.

I've taken my laptop out and done the cliche thing and been writing in coffee shops, with varied results, depending on the locations and sometimes the denizens. Thank goodness for headphones. A side effect has been me reeking of coffee, and I don't drink the stuff, so it's more obvious to me. Last weekend I tried libraries, those were a bit better, although I've found that there's a least one crazy person who seems to live there, busy muttering paranoid things and working on their manifestos.

I'm still not sure how it's going to become novel-length, it's kind of writing itself at this point. The two characters I'm using now have quite some banter going on. I've also had to go to some dark places. One scene was with a serial killer, so I had to channel my own Hannibal Lector. Another took place in a hospice and I actually made myself cry, I was remembering my grandmother and other incidents.