Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Most of my creative endeavors lately are still involving photography. Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm not doing my "other" artwork, but hey it's still art, right? At least I try to make it so. I regularly switch between my actual camera and Instagram on the smartphone. One thing I like about the latter is that it's in a square format, which makes you think more about composition. Unless you just use it for food or selfie pics. But I've been finding some pretty amazing photos on there. Now if I can figure out this hashtag nonsense, maybe more people will see mine.

I've been trying to visit places I haven't seen already. Massachusetts isn't a large state, but there's still plenty that I haven't seen, including the various islands in the Harbor. Here's Spectacle Island, with Boston in the distance.

I also visited the ominous-sounding World's End, made even more so by threatening clouds in the sky that day. You can't tell from these two pics but it was a very green place. Definitely hope to do a photoshoot there, if I can find a willing model.

And I regularly end up at Nantasket Beach in Hull, which isn't far from World's End. I wouldn't mind living in this area, but only if I also worked there too; commuting to and from Boston would well and truly suck.

Next week I have much-needed time off from the dayjob; sadly they still don't pay me well enough to afford to travel like I should be, so I'll be seeking more local adventures. 

I suddenly came up with a new tattoo idea (not the previous one that I'm still stuck on), so maybe I can get that done as well. It's text-based, and the biggest problem so far has been choosing the right font, since I have hundreds of them on my computer, from my club flyer days.