Wednesday, July 16, 2014

:forward into the past 15:

Nothing creative this week beyond some photos, but nothing terribly spectacular, so I'll dig into my old works again for a random picture.

This was done for illustration class at MassArt in 1989. I hope I don't have to tell you who it is. If so, then I failed (I know I really didn't because I graduated). If you want to see more of my past work, the previous blog entries in this series are in the 2009 section.

Kind of appropriate that I chose an art school piece, as I was in a comic shop today (bought the first two issues of "The Wicked & Divine" - much recommended), and two other people in there, including the owner, also went to MassArt. It was an interesting conversation, almost like three generations of alumni. We all talked about hidden rooms that we found while there. And the shift from fine arts to a more commercial curriculum. And those weird performance art majors & teachers (of which the owner was one).