Wednesday, April 2, 2014

:feeding time:

Finished my monthly art piece, once again on the last day of the month. Clearly that's something I need to work on.

For those who haven't been following this blog regularly, these are Hans Rickheit's characters Cochlea & Eustachia. I think maybe one reason why I've dragged my feet on this one (the above idea was actually found in a sketchbook from 2012) is the fear of not depicting the characters well enough. Or maybe that this would be a bit too weird, subject-wise, but honestly, if you've seen the original comic, this is tame. Also if you've seen my sketchbooks (you haven't), also tame. Still afraid of offending people on some level, I guess. Is this offensive in any way?

I've been trying to document the process behind my artwork both on here on on my Behance page.

Lessons learned this time around? Well, the first thing I'm proud of is that I drew them without any references (other than the open mouth), so all that figure drawing I've done must be paying off. But mistake number one was scanning in the ink drawing without erasing the pencil lines, so time was wasted digitally erasing them in Photoshop. I used my Wacom tablet to do the shading, so good practice there, but I can tell the process there can be improved. Mostly ergonomically, I really need some sort of tablet arm holder so I can move it around and not have to have it flat on the desk in front of me. I know they exist, I'm just having a hell of time finding one. Halp?

So what's store for this month? So far I'm thinking something with a pin-up theme, using photos that I've taken.