Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Well, I finished January's project almost at the last minute, Friday night, but I'm pleased with the end results:

One lesson certainly learned is to start these projects earlier. Two upcoming ones actually involve other artists' work in a way, so I'm somewhat ahead in that aspect. I also need to finish a photo work that is actually made up of many layers of other photos, no idea why this one is taking so long, I guess I don't really focus well on two different artworks at once after all.

I want to learn to use my drawing tablet more; the above work could've been done all on computer rather than scan in a drawing. But I have a less-than ergonomic setup for it...I've occasionally seen people use moveable arms like a desk lamp with tablets, but I'm having a hell of a time finding one, either online or out in stores. ANY leads on that sort of thing, even if it has a specific name if that's what's hindering me, would be greatly appreciated.

I'll remind you one more time of Valentine's art I have for sale through deviantArt's many products (not just prints). I won't remind you next week; if you haven't gotten anything by Feb. 12th, well you'll probably be resorting to something at CVS.