Wednesday, January 29, 2014

:hearts and bones:

Working away on my January artwork, down to the wire, I should be done in the next two days (well, I kinda have to be to meet the goal), I will probably add some color to this. I'll have to start earlier on future projects, thankfully I already have an idea for February.

For those actually concerned, I did try different clothing on sketches of her, but none really worked for me. She doesn't seem to mind, and even if her, er, companions weren't there I doubt that she'll feel threatened by any unwelcome attention. She's got a skull in her hair, fer gosh sakes.

A reminder for That Holiday next month, I have a few appropriate (?) images for sale through deviantArt (click link below image to go the relevant page):

I also have actual valentine cards of the above image, including red envelopes, available through Etsy. I'm expecting more through the mail any day now, printed by the wonderful folks at Moo.