Wednesday, November 20, 2013

:point and shoot:

Further progress on shots from the recent photoshoot. As stated before I may go back and do further digital modifications, but I'm finding that I do that less and less these days. And I see others go in the other direction and it looks, well, a bit quaint to me now. Just because you have 100 filters in Photoshop doesn't mean you have to use them all. I learned that pretty quick.

Recently I also succumbed to the allure of Instagram. I may be a bit of a camera snob and a bit annoyed at people thinking that their phones are equal, but actually it's quite frightening what quality you can get from them these days. Heck, they're even marketing one mostly as a camera that just happens to be a phone as well. And as far as Instagram, I'm trying to remain "arty" with it, as opposed to posting pictures of food and such. Okay, I did do one shot of sangria. At first there was some annoyance at all the filters that can do the work that used to take me hours to obtain, thinking that people don't have to "work" for it anymore. But you know what, why not make it easier?

I'm rocketnumbernine in case you're curious.