Wednesday, September 18, 2013

:on location:

Looking ahead, feeling hopeful in several ways. As long as I can keep active hopefully there will be momentum.

I have plans to make another Homunculus doll before Halloween, which might give you some clue as how it might appear. You will certainly see so in the progress photos, but for now she looks like this:

Speaking of Halloween, as mentioned last week, I'm still offering some Halloween art as free downloads until the holiday itself on deviantArt.

Two more pics from my August photoshoot below. I think I'm done with editing the "normal" shots, and while I'm proud of these on their own, let's see if I can do my usual "arty" thing with them now. Or not my usual thing, who knows?

But I am also looking ahead to what I can do next with my photography. In my usual weekend wanderings, I came across a cliff overlooking the Boston Harbor in Nahant, which is a small strip of land poking into it that won't survive when the oceans rise. I immediately thought that it'd be great for a model photoshoot. Now if only I can get somebody to follow through on that. If I hadn't mentioned it enough already, I have a long string of people show interest then flake out on me. One could almost take it personally after awhile. But I'm determined to make this work somehow.