Friday, August 2, 2013


I've lost track of time and did not write this when I normally do, because I'm on "vacation" - in quotes because I am not paid well enough to be able to go anywhere, and stupid me chose to go on one right when rent is due, which always depletes the money. But the fact that I forgot means that I'm not living life on a schedule, which is how I'd prefer it. Especially the wake up when I want to part, although I'm not a late sleeper anymore. Things like city and neighbor noise make sure that never happens. I actually visited an old friend yesterday and she lives in quite a rural area. The quiet was astounding to me. I wonder if I could attain that, or more importantly, get used to it. I also feel I need for the conveniences of the city. While people here now panic when an inch of snow is expected and rush to the market, out there you'd really have to plan ahead. She really was snowbound for some time this past winter.

I also got to visit another friend who works on Fisher's Island, which is basically a place for rich people to spend the summer, not a touristy place, so I got to see a lot of it that most don't get to since she has access to it. Again, it seems like a place and life that I'd like, but I too wonder if I'd get used to the isolation aspect of it. I still feel the pull of the ocean.