Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I returned to Dr. Sketchy's this past Sunday, so yay, I finally broke my once-a-year attendance. Once again the model was a burlesque dancer, Dewey Decimator ( and yes, she's a librarian during the day ). As ever they have the best props & outfits. She started out as some sort of lion, then a Viking, and finally a Vegas showgirl, losing bits of the costumes along the way, of course. There are often contests to add crazy elements to the drawings, and I won one of them. Basically mine was to make her Viking pose less "Viking," so I gave her and the severed head prop big anime eyes. I can't show you because I also gave her the drawing, but it was only a two minute drawing anyways.

Like before I found myself focusing on certain details and ended up not finishing some drawings when time ran out. So by the end I wasn't drawing the whole figure as I usually do. Heh, I like how the last few almost look like religious paintings, with her Vegas headdress looking like a halo. You could probably fill more seats in church this way.