Thursday, May 23, 2013

:plans i make:

It was tempting to write and complain about the recent changes that Adobe and flickr have made and how artists are getting screwed over again, but it's too soon to tell if they'll stick to these new plans, although Adobe seems determined to fleece people out of even more money.

In the continual excavation of my belongings that have been boxed or otherwise packed away, I found a folder full of sketches for various projects. I really did overplan some things, nowadays I' d like to get going after only a few sketches. Even found the exhaustive planning of my first website (which reminds me once again of the need to update  it). Found a few things I only half recall, and wonder why they fell through. This was a logo for a film company, and I also tried to design the movie poster for the vampire movie they were making, seemingly forever. I think they only recently finished it. I wonder if the actors visibly age in it.

I had more I wanted to post, but Blogger is being complete shit tonight and I can't seem to upload any more images. Until next time, then...