Thursday, May 9, 2013

:medusa's father:

Ray Harryhausen passed on this week. It's not a shock since he was in his 90's, but still you mourn and celebrate what he did in his life, namely some amazing special effects for movies before the age of CGI. Modern film makers like George Lucas are saying that their movies wouldn't exist without him, which is kind of ironic since CGI kind of put his style of work out to pasture for the most part. "Clash of the Titans" was his last movie, and I am still quite impressed with his Medusa:

And that brings to mind the Medusa artwork I had started last year, and really should get back to:

The idea I had (and still do) was her reaction upon first discovering the change that had been forced upon her. Facial expressions are still tricky for me to do at times, I still fear that I am drawing the same eyes on every face too, so I'm working on changing that with this piece for sure.