Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I continue with the archaeology of my creative past. I have plenty of new ideas as I've said, and am making some progress on several different ones, some just in my mind (sometimes they have to incubate there for awhile). But I'm still not creating at the speed that I'd like, so in the interest of going forward I'm looking backwards to see if that helps in any way. It's interesting to see long-buried artwork, too.

I've had an interest in photography ever since having one of those cheap little cameras that took the cartridge type of film so you didn't have to contend with trying to thread film, often improperly. That joy came later. I was definitely more ambitious than those cameras would allow, and You Kids won't understand this, but I wouldn't find out until the film got developed and sent back to me. I'm sure the people developing my film had NO idea what I was doing either.

One thing I remember liking about art school was getting to try nearly every kind of media, and in my second year I started on photography, with a "real" camera. You had to complete and develop at least one roll of film each week, and darkroom times were not always convenient, which reminds me of a thing that I didn't like about art school, that some teachers didn't seem to take into consideration that you had other classes and assignments to complete.

I don't miss trying to spool the film into developer tanks in the dark or the smell of those chemicals, but I can't deny enjoying seeing the images magically appear before my eyes.

And it appears I was into "darkness" even then, which makes for some difficulty in developing, I can tell you. I still don't like to use the flash. I need to learn to control it better, or get a better flash.

I need to learn the ins and outs of my current camera more, and there's some classes I'd like to take concerning that, but, as usual, $$$. I'd like to do photoshoots with models again; haven't done one since 2008. I sometimes get some interest but it seems I have to keep reminding some of them of said interest, and I hate to be a pest, and if they were truly interested why do I have to bug them?? Gah.

So who's this bozo?