Wednesday, March 27, 2013

:very still life:

I ventured out last weekend with the camera to try and find something, anything of interest to photograph. I went to the ocean first, as that usually lifts my spirits, but despite the calendar saying that it's spring, it was pretty cold and dreary. And as ever, the sight of human trash angered me, even with trash barrels nearby, humans still feel like they can just toss their refuse anywhere.

I kept driving north, keeping by the sea in the hopes of finding something there. For a state with a fair amount of coastline, Massachusetts doesn't have a lot of nice beaches. Mostly rocky, and that's if it's actually an area open to the public. I've had the dream of living in a place by the ocean, but with global warming that seems unwise. I'm sure we're going to lose Cape Cod at some point.

I take for granted how old this area is and often wonder what tourists are taking pictures of all the time. It's just a building! But they're really OLD buildings, I guess (lord knows I've lived in a few of them). I stumbled across a really old burial ground in Marblehead:

Many of the tombstones were so weather-worn that you couldn't read them, many were fallen or about to (I don't know why they don't fix them), like crooked teeth.

And some interesting writing or artwork on some of them: