Thursday, May 3, 2012


It often seems that just when I can see a clearer path ahead of me and I'm all set to go forward, something gets thrown in that path and forces me to abandon it and focus on something I'd rather not waste the time on. Once again this involves my living situation.

It appears that the building owners sold it and other local buildings to another company. We found out not from them, but through a letter shoved under our doors last Friday night informing us of this change, and of a ridiculously high increase in rent with very little time to move out if it's not accepted. Actually I didn't receive the latter, but I sincerely doubt that I'd escape an increase. Most people got a $200 monthly increase at the least. If you saw these apartments you'd agree they're not worth $900 or more. But the new management and the "market" says they are. Complete bullshit. So people have have had meetings and are united to fight this. I am still striving to get out of here, but as long as I'm stuck here, I'm fighting it. It's not like I can afford the increase. If I could I wouldn't still be living here!

Judging from the Yelp! reviews, they do not have a great reputation.

But needless to say this has gotten in the way of any creativity. It's difficult to focus when you are wondering about where you're going to live. SO tired of this.

At the very least I can offer you some more spaniel abuse. I wouldn't doubt that I'm taking out my aggressions on the poor little bastards.