Wednesday, March 21, 2012

:station break:

Recovering from last week's sickness which seems to have become this week's allergies. I had horrible ones for about 20 years, then they just went away, now I seem to be bad for the start of spring, let's hope it stays that way.

This blog seems to be becoming more and more about how my creativity is stagnant, and yes a lot of that still has to do with atmosphere; still can't find a new apartment that's suitable. When I come home I don't feel like jumping into something creative, and I'd like to regain that.

So as not to leave this post empty, here's my current outposts on the web:

main site: redesign coming this year, I swear.





FineArtAmerica - not sure if I'm going to continue this, I see what kind of art sells on here, and it's not my style, to be sure. I get plenty of pageviews, but pageviews don't pay my bills.

Twitter - I joined to research it for some outside work, I don't see the point of it yet.

Model Mayhem - even though I haven't done a photoshoot since 2008 :-/

I'll be making a Facebook page soon, too.

And just a sketchbook doodle so this post isn't just words. Yep, more spaniel abuse.