Wednesday, December 21, 2011

:saw no evil:

I continue to deal with physical & mental problems, which again get in the way of creativity. This time it's my eyes. I've been nearsighted since grade school, when I found that I couldn't read the chalkboard. I've worn contacts since high school. I've looked into Lasik, but of course it's out of my price range, and not covered by insurance.

I got a new prescription this past weekend, my eyes have been amazingly the same for a couple of years, but now the right one is a just a bit weaker. I've only had these new ones in for a few days but I've had issues with them. For faraway objects they're great, but sometimes, more than before, I am having a real hard time viewing and reading close objects. That's with them in, of course. I am fine reading without them, but then I won't be able to read things like traffic signs. Going back Friday to see if they can fix this mess. I don't want to have to wear both contacts and glasses, or just glasses. Call it vanity. I find it both amusing and annoying that kids today actually WANT to wear them. Damn you, Harry Potter.

Without our senses we are nothing. Wouldn't want to lose either my sight or hearing.