Thursday, December 29, 2011


I didn't post yesterday as I was busy DJing at Temple. Sometimes it feels like I lead not a double but a triple life, and I try to remember this whenever I think my life is uninteresting. Of course I wish the balance was more towards the lives I prefer, but what else is new. Something to aim for in the new year.

Ah yes, the turn of another calendar year, with all the hopes for a better one, and it's easy for me to say "good riddance" to the last one. While it did feel at times like a boot on my neck, good things did happen, specifically because I made them happen, which I need to continue in the new year.

I didn't create as much as I'd like, but I did do more than in 2010, and several artworks were also in galleries, and they sold as well. I started to save up for a "real" camera. I still desperately need a better apartment/studio to create, and that will remain a priority in the new year. I went to a voiceover class, as I'd like to do voices for cartoons, but that will require more practice, and, again, a better place to do so in.

Maybe you believe in astrology, I am mostly a skeptic, but somebody who's better versed in it than I did my chart and said that after so many bad ones, 2012 will be "my year." I sure hope so, but I have to remember not to sit back and wait for it to be so.