Wednesday, August 3, 2011


After spending so much time working on one piece, there is some downtime, at least as of late, since I spend so long on them as opposed to knocking them out in a day or two. Although that was probably in the years of more free time...when was that?? 

The gallery opening was excellent, as all Fool's Mansion shindigs tend to be. I did not sell the piece on opening night like I did last time, but I wasn't really expecting to. People liked it. Hopefully some time over the next month somebody will like it enough to buy it.

I'm also on "vacation," although not able to afford to really go anywhere for it, but I am spending as much time outside as possible, not just because it's summer, but there's still apartment issues. Two neighbors have moved out, which is good, but it appears I have a new one next door already, which could be bad, given my track record, and may lead to panic attacks again. Ramping up the apartment search again. So tired of this.

In the midst of this I don't know what my next piece will be. Scouring through the sketchbooks, surprised at some of the things I came up with.