Wednesday, March 12, 2014

:that figures:

I returned to the local Dr. Sketchy's session this past weekend, hopefully I can add it to my monthly goals, although some months it simply isn't feasible if something else comes up that day. For those unaware, it's by definition a figure drawing class, but it takes place (at least in Boston) in a willing bar, and the models are not your typical models. In this case they're mostly from the local burlesque scene, which often means inventive clothing that eventually becomes less clothing, although, also because this is Boston, never less than pasties by the end of it.

Like regular figure drawing sessions, they start out with short poses, 1 to 2 minute ones, leading to 5 and 10 and sometimes up to half an hour. Our model this time, Brandy Wine, was quite expressive with her face and tried to hold it for as long as possible or at least for the last 30 seconds. For the short poses she started out as a beauty contest contestant whose wardrobe malfunctions got progressively more disastrous.

I like that I managed to capture her facial expressions with so few lines and such limited time in this case.

She went through two other outfits; here's drawings from the last one that she had on.

I didn't overdo the shading like I tend to; maybe because I wanted make sure I rendered those stripes correctly! 

I've made some progress on my monthly art project, not enough worthy of showing yet, but I am confident if I keep at it that I'll finish before the last day this time.