Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Still working on photos from the photoshoot, but the one I'm currently working on isn't quite done enough for tonight, and I like to keep to a weekly schedule here.

As said before, I'm pleased with how they've come out, but I would like it even better if I got more shots in camera that needed less correction later. So one plan for next month is to do this online course to hopefully get better at it. Most of what I've learned has been self-taught, but I really need to learn more about the whole exposure-lighting-aperture thing. Not sure why it won't stick with me, perhaps because it involves numbers and math was never my strong suit. In high school I barely passed those classes, and in senior year it was an elective, not required, so of course I didn't take another math class!

Also still drawing in the sketch-a-day book; haven't done today's yet, will do it after I'm done with this. For some reason I seem to have hair in mind in my recent sketches: