Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I was in Austin,TX this past weekend, to DJ at a goth gathering, but also to see a new city, something I don't get to do as much as I'd like. I spent a fair amount of time exploring on my own, partially from not knowing the streets or the public transportation. I definitely walked more than I had to in retrospect.

I noted quite a bit of public artwork:

Austin 7

Austin 9

This brought to mind my brief foray into doing graffiti art on my own, even going so far as spray-painting in public quite a bit in 1987. I know the date because I found a book full of designs and the ones I used were noted as such. I was quite busy that summer! The bridge that most of them were on is currently being renovated, so if they are actually still there, they won't be for long. Assuming that they weren't painted over by others, which is par for course.

I have no idea why I used black & white film!

I also did some inventive things to the blank road sign outside my family's house. Wish I had taken pictures of all the ones that I made.

This phase was brief, as I was definitely not a minor and didn't care to get arrested for something like this. I also found it amusing that one of the police officers on the graffiti task force was once an artist himself, I knew him in high school, so he certainly knew how they thought and how to catch them, I'm sure.

Silly bugger even tried to look the part. Love that boombox.