Wednesday, March 20, 2013


While in the process of the eternal unpacking - actually it's not really unpacking as a lot of what I own stays in boxes just for storage reasons, but I'm looking to get rid of anything possible - I came across a box full of my sketchbooks of all sizes.

Skimming through them, I can remember the points of time in my life that they are from ( not just from the dates either ), so these are often like journals or diaries, and similar to those as well have the expected embarrassment from certain parts, so maybe I should leave notice to have these burned upon my death.

Aside from the stumblings and assorted little notes to/from myself scribbled within, there's still some good ideas in there. I have often thought that even when the well of creativity is a bit dry, I still have a source of old ideas to choose from. No shortage there, just of time to create them in. I'll be digging in these some more in the future and maybe posting more images from them.