Wednesday, April 18, 2012

:drawn to scale:

I hunkered down and worked on the new sponge logo, I think I've finished it. I was torn between the two versions below, I was kind of shooting for an official-looking sort of seal, but asking around for outside opinions confirmed my instinct that the wreath was a bit too much. Sometimes when I get too many ideas I try to fit in all of them.

I also did further work towards the Medusa piece. I'm hinging a lot on her facial expression, so, I'm getting closer to that.

Also! This past week I FINALLY got a DSLR digital camera (Canon Rebel XTi), so once I learn all the buttons and knobs I'll be shooting with more control over the images, moreso than with a point-n-shoot anyways. I'm still going to use that - lugging around this larger camera is not always convenient, and of course now I'm afraid of it being stolen. But the possibilities abound. I took a few pics this past Monday, up on my flickr page, but nothing spectacular, just used the automatic modes for those until I learn more.