Wednesday, November 2, 2011

:el dia de los muertos:

So of course this past weekend was Halloween (well, Monday, but even though I partied then, most choose the weekend), and I was more focused on that than other things., even with a freakish amount of snow on Saturday. I wore Day of the Dead makeup and made an outfit as best I could from what I have. Tried to find a mariachi outfit but all I could find was a rental and I'm not paying that much just for a day or two.

(I've no idea who she is but I had to get a photo with her)
As far as I know there's no Mexican blood in my family, but I'm fascinated by the celebration of Dia De Los Muertos, quite the opposite of how death is viewed up here in America. I even went to Mexico City one year in the hopes of witnessing such, but truthfully saw very little. Either I was looking in the wrong places or it isn't a "big city" thing down there. Maybe again some day. I still enjoyed myself. I really should be traveling the globe, but, no money, so what's new. Somebody pay my way and I'll take so many photos to make up for it!

I've wanted to make some elaborate costume for years, like an alien or giant insect, but it's never come to fruition. Plus it'd have to be something I can stand to be in for an extended time. Even a simple mask is too much after awhile for me.

So begins November, one of my least favorite months; the comedown after Halloween, getting darker and colder, Thanksgiving - which only means time off from work for me, and the intrusion of all things Xmess. Yayyyy. Thank goodness for Krampus. Well, maybe goodness has very little to do with that.