Wednesday, April 13, 2011

:doodle doodle dee:

I really want to write in this thing more regularly, creative slump or not, so let's shoot for Wednesdays, hokay?

I've learned over the years to always have some sort of sketchbook with me, even though I also used whatever scraps I could find. This was frowned upon at some shit jobs I've had. Better you do the retail oxymoron of "looking busy" rather than anything creative, or god forbid, look *relaxed* while on the job. Sorry, was I screaming again? Anyways...

I have larger sketchbooks but also smaller ones to carry around. I noticed that the last few were a combination of sketches and notes and shopping lists, and not enough of the former, so I have two separate pads for that. And those of you who know me wonder why I still lug a messenger bag around.

I'm doing my best to sketch more. Some may became major pieces some day, some are already on that way. It's still a pity I have to find the time to do it, or it takes a long time to spark it. Non-creative environments at home and at work aren't helping. Maybe I'll go into the laptop jungle that coffee shops are now and draw there, but truthfully, that's not my scene. And I don't drink coffee.