Thursday, June 18, 2015

:saving face:

As stated last week, after thinking I was completed with the latest artwork, I felt that something was not quite right with it. As I also said, I could re-work some pieces forever if I don't stop myself.

Thankfully the model on whom the artwork is based on pointed out what was amiss with it. One can spend so much time with your nose to the drawing table (or computer screen) and not see what becomes obvious later. Definitely one reason why I sometimes have to step away from some pieces for a day or two. And one thing to miss about art school, having other artists' input, which I really don't get much of anymore.

The problem had something to do with the eyes. In the last version they were big and cartoony, which was somewhat by design, as I wanted it to be somewhere between realistic and a cartoon. But on retrospect that didn't work. Plus, while I'm proud that I didn't trace the original photo, putting it on a layer below the drawing in Photoshop showed that the placement of the facial features were off just enough to make it not work. So that was fixed as well. And the model seems pleased.

Still doing research on what I think will be my next piece, one of Kali, but it's more notes than drawings at this point, so nothing to show you just yet. 

I'm still not entirely sure what I believe in as far as anything spiritual or religious, I'm the kind of person who needs hard evidence more than blind faith, but one has to admit, as far as deities go, at least the Hindus are extremely creative. How can you not love a god with an elephant head?

Still have my camera with me at all times. Caught some stormy scenes, one of hopefully many visits to the ocean this summer, and Waterfire yet again (although I skipped it entirely last year). I must have over a hundred shots of the fires reflecting on the water by now, but I still find it mesmerizing.