Wednesday, June 24, 2015


In what appears to be a regular occurrence when I'm getting into a decent creative groove, I find that I once again have to curtail such activities and focus more on "real life." In this case, the still-present need to find a new day job, with news from the current one concerning changes that I want no part of. True, I adapted to the last batch of changes that I also didn't like, but I'm tired of settling, especially after an insulting and pathetic "raise" this year. I hear co-workers blissfully looking forward to retirement as their plan of escape, no matter how close or near that might be, and I'm sorry, that can't be me. So once again I need to find what would be a better replacement. It's tempting to just leave, I see advice all the time about doing this - "you can just leave" - but they don't tell me how I'll pay my bills in the meantime. I have books about job hunting that I bought this year and need to finally finish. Let's hope I succeed before summer's end.

So, therefore, nothing much to show you this week. Still researching Kali, but that's still at the notes phase and no sketches as of yet. It's forming in my head, though.

I'm itching to photograph people again, too. Trying to figure out how to make that happen, as people certainly aren't approaching me for it. I may have to pay someone through Model Mayhem again. I know a photographer in Salem now who does regular photo sessions with models at this studio and invites others to shoot with him, but thus far these sessions have been a little pricey for me. The next job had better pay more, I can say that for sure.

Here's one shot at least. Monday night at the dance night that I regularly DJ at, "Ceremony," we had a theme night based on the Mad Max films, which made for some interesting outfits to say the least. We had another person as the "official" photographer, but I got a shot of one of our DJs that night. I saw the dramatic lighting on one of the walls and couldn't resist.

I didn't volunteer for this job, as for one I don't do so good at nightclub shots, lighting-wise, and also I'm not the best at approaching random people for their photo. But, truth be told, I did pretty good at just that at a recent steampunk festival.

Steampunk Fest 2015 1

I also still need to get into more gallery shows, with older works, alas, if I have to curtail new creations for awhile. Going to look at one now that has a deadline of tonight.