Wednesday, January 14, 2015

:into darkness:

I finished what I consider to be my first completed photo project, (not counting shots on Instagram) still continuing on in my black & white phase for this winter.

I find myself wanting to return to this sort of style in my photo work, the look of damaged or aged film, which I guess is kind of ironic in this age of crystal clear digital imagery. Actually I did this style more when I was first using Photoshop, before I had a digital camera. I even went out and specifically photographed textures to be used as overlays and such in my works. Nowadays, people can do the same with just a filter or a button, which annoyed me for some time, but hey, it makes my workflow quicker too.

I faded out of this style after seeing far too many others doing it as well, and I didn't want to be seen as a bandwagon jumper, or sometimes I was just trying different directions. It's still early in the year to see exactly where I'm headed.

I also returned to my NaNoWriMo novel for the first time since completing it in November, to hopefully get it out of first draft. So far it's mostly grammar corrections, and more exposition in the opening chapters, although I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't do away with some of them. It's difficult right now, I see it all as part of the whole puzzle, even if it's not obvious when first reading those chapters. I suppose I will need to get an outside editor to look at it at some point. So far none of my first draft readers have said anything about it, half the time I fear it's because it's a bad story after all, the other time I just assume people are busy. Technically it's a first novel so I mustn't get too attached to it.