Thursday, June 12, 2014


Started work on photos from the shoot from last week. No major changes on the first one yet, so I'll repost it, once again censored for somebody's protection, I guess.

I still take a little point and shoot camera with me at all times, and of course times being what they are, there's always one's smartphone. I find it interesting that I've gotten quite a few raves from what to me were just casual shots at a recent event, "Goth Fly a Kite" up in Portland, Maine, which has become an annual occasion. And like a zombie march, it's quite a sight to people not expecting to see a hill full of goths flying kites, often in their usual gear, with extra sunblock and parasols, of course.

I wasn't aiming for anything special or artsy, just recording what I saw, so once again, I can't predict what people will like out of what I do. Perhaps I learn enough from the artsy stuff so that it carries over into the candid stuff. I certainly focus on composition a lot.

I went to a meetup of other photographers in Salem this past Sunday, I still need to find other artists to hang out and maybe even collaborate with. I've had limited success in the past, often I had to deal with egos or just plain weirdness. For some artists their life is their main project and it can get quite tiresome at times if you don't want to share their reality. I'm glad I had my tale from last week to share, and got to hear several others. Not that I thought they were but my experiences are not totally unique after all.