Wednesday, May 21, 2014

:marching on:

The creative urge last week was satisfied, mostly, by photographing at the annual Boston Zombie March. This was the 9th one ( there wasn't one last year - having a parade of corpses take place soon after the Boston Marathon bombings would've been in poor taste to say the least ), and if the news is to be believed, the last one, at least one organized by the fellow who had done so all these years. Just as well, I think I'm done photographing them. There's only so much I can do that's not similar to shots from past years, and to be frank I didn't find this one up to par to previous ones. But as ever there was well-done makeup, partially my reason for bothering with it at all.

Zombie March 2014 47

See all the photos here.

I have been taking a break from art to focus on a job search, but I'm finding that completely cutting it off, especially when I fought so hard to regain it, is not the best idea. So while there obviously won't be an art project for May, I'm at least sketching here and there. Nothing worthy of note this week.

Last month I was interviewed for a video project on artists, here is the final result. We talked for an hour or more so obviously this is heavily edited. I of course cringe looking at it, but that has more to do with my appearance, so I just need to Get Over It. I was even told by one of the creators that "almost everyone who has seen it has had a super positive reaction to me in particular." so what do I know.

Art/Not Art from David Ackerman on Vimeo.