Thursday, May 29, 2014


Slow week for creativity, namely because of one of those holiday weekends, and one in which one is expected not to do much, work-wise, and I succumbed but of course felt guilty later. And full of too much cookout food. The job search continues, without any success yet; I need to rethink my strategy and soon. I'm taking the next week off from work; alas,  they do not pay me well enough to be able to travel anywhere. One of the plans for the week is hopefully a new photoshoot.

So, in lieu of leaving this blank, here's all the places where I am currently on the sticky web:

:sponge: - my main site, and yes still in need of a redesign. I want to just pick a wordpress design and get it over with. Any suggestions are welcome.

deviantArt - another gallery but you can buy prints, and other ephemera here.

flickr - photos, but generally non-altered ones.

jpg - same deal, although I put what I feel are my "best" ones here.

Instagram - I try to make it arty. No pictures of food need apply.

Etsy - this site seems mostly for crafty stuff, so far I just have postcards, I plan to add framed artworks.

Model Mayhem - as the title may lead you to believe, model-oriented photography.

Fine Art America - more prints for sale.