Wednesday, March 19, 2014


So soon after last Sunday's figure drawing session, I went to another one this past Friday night. Why not. Best to keep in practice, plus I really need to hang out with more artists.

This one was at Uforge Gallery in Jamaica Plain, which is also where I have a photo up in the current show, so I got to toot my horn about that briefly. The model went by the name of Porcelain Dalya, she bills herself as a "mermaid" for the local band Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys. We have some interesting folk here.

This session was clothed, but that just makes you pay more attention to clothing and how they drape around a figure.

I also got some more leeway on the monthly art project. There is no good excuse for why I can't complete it this month. I don't know why I'm dragging working on it, other than perhaps because they are somebody else's characters and I want to to them justice (Cochlea & Eustachia, to refresh your memory). It also reminds me that I couldn't work in comics, because other than the grueling schedule, I don't know how comfortable I'd be working on somebody else's creations. 

It's also a bit...weird, and while I got rid of my self-censorship quite some time ago (there are things in my sketchbooks that NO ONE will ever see), I still fear people may judge me on certain subject matter. I've often felt that I could sell-out and make money by going all porny, but that just feels like appealing to the lowest common denominator and no real challenge. I feel the same way with my photography.

I didn't really care for the arms on the left figure, so I had to do some revisions. I should have more progressions for next week.