Wednesday, January 1, 2014

:2013 rewind:

2013 was, thankfully, a lot more of a creative year than 2012, and, frankly, many of  the years before that as well. I feel that I still need more "recovery" and the atmosphere that I live in is still less than ideal, but, more goals for the coming year then, although, as often stated, I don't really make New Year's resolutions, and certainly not out loud, but I do try to check on myself each new month instead.

So one goal that was met for 2013 was the Sketch-a-Day book that I started on Jan. 1st. I ended up with 361 days filled, so I missed a few, but I seem to recall them being for good reasons, or at least taken up by other creative ventures. I'll probably review it for next week's entry.

I participated in a few gallery shows, to varying degrees. I hope to be part of more, so put that down as a goal for the coming year as well. I had high hopes for the RAW art show that I was a part of, but I left it feeling that it was an interesting experience and there's always a good thing about "exposure," but for the time and especially the money I put into it, not a good return on my investment.

I unearthed a fair amount of old artwork and sketchbooks, and will probably continue to do so, to see if any old ideas can finally come to fruition. Some things, I've found, have to remain dormant for years before they finally make sense to me.

I continue to take a camera everywhere with me, just in case something catches my eye. Instagram has started to take over the more candid shots, but that's mainly when I want to upload something instantly, or just want to play with the filters that it has.

I went to Dr. Sketchy's twice in the past year, hopefully I'll attend more often than that this year, it really is an interesting twist on the whole figure drawing thing. And I honestly haven't found a "normal" session locally in years.

I had two awesome model photoshoots after too many years of none. I made mistakes, surely, and a lot of them were corrected later, but I feel that I've learned and won't make the same ones again. Plus I've been taking an online course to learn more about the areas that I'm lacking in. Here's hoping I can persuade others to work with me, as I've stated before, I sadly have a history of people flaking out on me.

And I completed another Homunculus doll, again, after many years of not doing so.

So, despite stating not making a list of goals above, here are some for the coming year: more gallery shows, more photoshoots, learning to use the Wacom tablet, learn Adobe Illustrator,  and update the damn website already. I was thinking of just doing a Wordpress gallery. Any advice in that area would be most welcome!