Wednesday, August 21, 2013

:roll film:

A few more photos from my recent photoshoot. As the joy of finally doing another one of these wears off, I typically become more critical over what I did or didn't do. Usually regarding lighting, which I am still learning about, or composition, or direction, but I am returning to this after far too long, so first steps first then full steam ahead.

I still plan to get the backdrop somehow, and I have an online course to take as well. I've looked into actual physical classes, but like too much in my current world, they're way out of my price range. I'm looking to fix that problem, too. Too much in life is denied me because I don't have enough little green pieces of paper, which is really an absurd notion if you really give it too much thought and it could make you scream.

Thus far I haven't messed around much with these photos, and they certainly don't have my usual "dark" themes, but they could be sources for future ones, who knows. I recently unearthed shots from a failed photoshoot, but the facial expressions of the model in a lot of them are priceless, so they may get re-used in some way. I sometimes forget of the scary backlog of ideas that I have. I just have to do One At A Time and not get overwhelmed!