Wednesday, August 14, 2013

:pixel by pixel:

I'm still working on photos from last week's photoshoot. As I said then, I got quite a lot of good shots from it, now on to the digital editing. Like with the photoshoot, I haven't been using Photoshop much lately, and I'm pleased to say it's come back to me rather quickly, like riding a bike, as cliche as that is. Also discovering new things along the way too ( The healing brush tool is often a MIRACLE worker ). PS CS3 in case you're curious. And probably the last version I'll have ( at least on my current salary ) thanks to Adobe's ridiculous new pay scheme. Yeah, sure I can afford to pay for my programs every month.

I'm also pleased to say I'm not doing that much editing on these, other than some cleanup, it's mostly about the lighting. I "rescued" the first one, which was very dark on the left side due to the window on the right, so yay for me.

It's certainly made me eager for more, I've been looking into getting a backdrop & support for it, so I won't have to worry about digitally erasing stuff in the background (there were a few plugs & wires in view before I got rid of them). Now if only I can get more people willing to do this with me, or at least follow through when they say they are.