Wednesday, April 10, 2013

:tapped by the wrecking ball:

I don't want this to become yet another record of reasons why I didn't get much creative work done recently, but yet again so many other things came up this week. And I'm still having some mental issues while at home, so I don't rush home to create like I feel that I should.

I do my best to find something interesting to do on the weekends, even with limited time, which was the case again. But I did get to take my camera out and photograph the annual World Pillow Fight in Boston. This local group, Banditos Mysteriosos, put on some interesting events that often involve large groups showing up in a public location at the last minute and doing things like a watergun fight, or, yes, a pillow fight. Apparently this goes on all over the world at the same time, I think we came close to having the largest group a few times. I don't think that was the case this time, and it seemed to me that there were more spectators than participants, but it was still interesting to watch. Here's one of my favorite shots, and the rest are up on my flickr page.

World Pillow Fight Day 2013 27