Wednesday, January 2, 2013

: re-begin :

The new year, when most of us want to change or start over in some way...I suppose I'm no different, though I don't usually list off all the things that I'm planning publicly. I guess that's so people won't see when I fail? Yes, I'm over-analyzing myself a lot these days, the new apartment signifies a new beginning and I'm looking at all aspects of my life. This blog just covers the creative side, though. Be happy about that!

2012 was my least creative year, if you dont count photography; the only thing I made was a Dia de Los Muertos spider thingy. So I am definitely going to up that at all costs, starting with this blog, getting it written at least once a week, which means that I'll have to have creative things to show or talk about. Unpacking my belongings, I can tell you that I have plenty of OLD things to show or talk about. I know I did some of that in the past on here.

One thing I did do before the end of last year was buy another sketchbook. I have no shortage of empty ones, but this one specifically had a space for every day of the year, so it's one goal to do just that, one sketch a day. Watch this space.

I also have plans for showing artwork in shows and such. Part of me doesn't like that I have very little "new" to show, but I'm trying to look at it as it'll be new to somebody.