Thursday, May 24, 2012

:walking wounded:

The apartment mess continues to affect me, with time running out adding to the panic factor. I don't doubt that this stress is taking its toll on me physically, I'll spare you the details. One good thing in the midst of this, was the annual Zombie March, which is always a great opportunity for me to take interesting photos, and work with the new camera some more.

Zombie March 2012 43

Lots more pictures here. I keep saying that some year I'll join the horde as a zombie but thus far prefer to just document it.

Apparently Neil Gaiman recently addressed the graduates of the University of the Arts. It's pretty inspirational, I need to revisit it from time to time if it remains online. I like the simplicity of "just make great art" no matter what is going on. I wish I could stick to that better, as is all too well-documented on here. A better base of operations is what I need, what I've needed for a LONG time.