Wednesday, January 4, 2012

:annus novus:

New year, new hopes, the largest one of all is to not have them crushed. I start out as ambitious as ever, but the amount of plans I have versus time and resources gets overwhelming at times. So it's best to start small. I have been dismayed at my lack of creative output over the past few years, some of it due to outside issues, but ultimately it's my fault. So I'm going to attempt to sketch at least a page a day in my sketchbook, and try to make one major piece a month. If I end the year with twelve new works, that'll be better than the past few years combined, sad to say.

A lot of it depends on my environment, of course, so the search goes on, but I have to learn to be creative in spite of it.

It starts out with the blank page/screen but something comes out eventually. As ever I don't know if it will evolve beyond this into something bigger.

Oh yeah, I'm still doing horrible things to the spaniels, thanks for asking.