Wednesday, November 23, 2011

:naughty and nice:

The Krampus piece should be done and ready for delivery to the show by this weekend. Once again I won't show you the whole thing until the show starts, nyahh. I may associate this one with pain, as I've been plagued with headaches the past few weeks and had to skip a few nights from working on this. I think it has to do with my jaw, I will be going to somebody about it soon. I've been clenching and grinding my teeth in my sleep for who knows how long, I've lost two teeth as a result of it, and the newest mouthguard I got made things worse. It's like my body is trying to sabotage me in my sleep. But enough about that.

I did this piece in charcoal, something I haven't used in awhile, and like pencils, it came back to me nearly instantly. It's like painting to me, of which I am not very good at, at least not with oils.

The whole Krampus thing gets more and more fascinating to me. I found a book about it, but it arrived long after I had already begun the artwork. Krampus cards were a big deal in Europe before WW I. Most of the art depicts naughty children being carted off or flogged by St. Nicholas' helper, but sometimes it's adults, and the women don't seem too displeased by his appearance. Inneresting.

The spaniels are still showing up in my sketchbooks. The theme seems to be, "what awful things can I do to them next?" Awful things that I can't show you right now, that's what.