Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Nothing for show and tell this week other than some very rough sketches that I don't know whether or not if they'll turn into something better. Plotting in my head, as per usual, that path I should be taking, which will rocket off once I get the better apartment that I deserve by now. Looking into getting into more galleries. I've been in a fair share of group shows, no solo shows yet, although the closest one was a three person show at Space 242 a few years ago.

One of the biggest obstacles, curiously enough, is that whole "artist statement" thing that usually accompanies exhibits. I've sure you're read a few. Or maybe not, maybe only gallery owners read these things. In any case, they often read to me as overblown descriptions of the artwork and process. I just create from what's in my head, I can't always explain why or where it comes from. "Beauty & decay" is the best description I've come up with, which just might be the title of my website, once I finally re-design the damn thing.

I'll make the pieces fit somehow.