Wednesday, July 6, 2011

:burning inside:

After that winter, I dare not complain about the heat, but woo it's a scorcher tonight. Even with the AC and a fan on I don't feel like moving around too much, and thus, not getting much done tonight. The general idea for the art show piece is there; I just need to finalize it, maybe need some photo reference for aspects of it. Next week will be busy time for sure.

For some reason I keep going back and reading and looking at the spaniel stories I talked about here. I can't  really say why, as they are so crude in idea and visuals. I guess I'm trying to figure how my mind came up with such things, especially at such a young age. Maybe I was striking out at my "enemies" or frustrations through cartoon violence. There were some sexual aspects to some of the stories too, which is amusing to me now as I certainly didn't have any experiences of the sort at the time. Late bloomer to say the least. I don't know, maybe since my life is so frustrating right now, maybe I'm trying to relearn how I dealt with and maybe it'll show itself in creative ways. There are times when you don't want to be an adult anymore, though.