Wednesday, May 4, 2011

:birthday suit:

There was a time when I was going to figure drawing sessions regularly; I really should get back into that. There's no shortage of such in the Boston area.

I first started at art school - I don't know if any high schools are or ever were progressive enough to have live modeling.  Often the first thing people asked me about art school was "you get to draw nekkid people, don'tcha?" And I had to explain that, yes, but we aren't usually talking supermodels here, or even always female models for that matter.

Then I would try to explain that after awhile, you are concentrating more on shapes and shadows and then the model "disappears" if you are actually focused on what you are doing. Sometimes I did a drawing of nothing but the shadows.

And since drawing people was the "last frontier" for me when I started drawing oh so many years ago (hey, it's my birthday tomorrow!), it's good to keep in practice, especially to remember that not all bodies look the same. I already feel that the faces that I draw are too similar.